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Saturday’s Baseball Game May 1, 2007

Filed under: event — simmons5 @ 12:18 am

On Saturday evening seven of us went out to the Nats game at RFK. We had great weather and a wonderful view! A win for the Nats is the only thing that could have made the night any better. It was a good game through the first nine innings. After six scoreless innings, the Nats went on to lead 2-1 going into the ninth. Unfortunately the Mets were able to get a run in the ninth to tie the game and then went nuts in the twelfth inning, scoring four runs. Even those of us who stuck it out for twelve innings were on our way to the metro when the game ended.

We will definitely be doing this again; hopefully at a time when students aren’t so overwhelmed with assignments.

Most of the group: Erin, Justin M., Jeff, Julian (our newest member!) and Brad


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