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Free Comic Book Day! May 5, 2007

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Today was free comic book day nationwide. For those that don’t know, Free Comic Book Day is a single day event, every year where participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores. Check out this website to learn more about Free Comic Book Day (

Our local campus comic book store is Liberty Comics. As I went to pick up my free comics, I was delightfully amazed at the number of people in this tiny shop. It was packed full of people, both young and old, all ready to devour some great comics.

Liberty Comic Book Store Comics!

So, I thought in the spirit of Free Comic Book Day, I would collocate some resources for librarians together.

Rex Libris

Comics about librarians – There are very few comics about librarians, however, the best and most famous would be the independent comic, Rex Libris. Rex Libris is a public librarian who protects the Middletown Public Librarian from the forces of evil. He’ll make you proud to be a librarian. I say its a must own for all librarians.

Rex Libris

Tools and resources for librarians about comics and graphic novels:

My personal recommendations for adults:

My personal recommendations for young adults:

Happy Reading Everyone!

Justin (ALA Student Chapter President)


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