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Good News for the Georgetown Public Library May 6, 2007

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Georgetown library

Photo from ginandtonic1978 (CC-some rights reserved)

As you may have heard by now, it has been reported that the damage to the Georgetown Public Library was bad, but not quite as bad as originally expected. Approximately 80% of the items in the Peabody collection were salvaged.

WTOP reported yesterday that the fire at the Georgetown Public Library was caused by contractors working on renovations, and that the contractors’ insurance policy may cover the damage. According to The Washington Times, the fire started as workers used heat guns to install new windows. Once the fire began, workers tried to put it out themselves. The first call to the fire department was made fifteen minutes later.

The damage was estimated at $40-50 million dollars. The contractor carries a $2 million dollar liability policy and had included a clause in the contract protecting the District in the event of a loss.


One Response to “Good News for the Georgetown Public Library”

  1. Matthew Gilmore Says:

    H-DC: Washington DC history
    for coverage of the fire:

    Click here:

    for some photographs of the Peabody Room, courtesy of Jerry McCoy, D.C.
    Public Library; both pre-fire and some showing the damage.

    Matthew Gilmore
    list co-editor, web editor

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